-Friendly, Outgoing, Smiley Babies and Toddlers Ages 0-3 Years
(Have a child age 4 and over? Please apply to our sister agency Apollo Artists

-Families that can commit to attending auditions on short notice (sometimes you only receive a days notice) in downtown Vanccouver.

-Babies and toddlers who do not 'make strange' (if your baby won't be held by another person, or your toddler has a tantrum if  you are not directly next to him/her - this is not the best idea for you!)

What Can You Expect?  What do We Expect from You?

Boss is a licensed agency with over 20 years experience. We do not charge any up front fees. The only money we can legally take is a 15% commission on commercials and film and a 20% commission on print.

Your only 'investment' is having a profile set up. The money from this does not come to the agency, this is simply a service used by casting and agents to 'communicate'.
Your child(ren) need an online profile set up (100% secure) on casting workbook in order to be submitted for potential auditions.  There is a nominal fee of $5 per month or $49 per year to set this up.

We do not make parents get professional headshots of children age 3 and under, as they grow and change so often. We do expect a solid and up to date, clear photo of your child. You can update this as your baby grows. 
No food on the face, no hats, sunglasses, big bows, etc... We want a nice and simple cute photo of your child. Simple clothing. Please no photos playing in a sandbox, etc...
Your family photos may be adorable, but casting does not want to see them.

See these samples:

Cute Baby - bad photo for casting - we can't see his head to see if bald baby or hair color!

Cute but we can't see what this baby really looks like!

Great Photo!
We can see exactly
what baby looks like!

Great Photo!
Happy boy, clear shot, close up.

Auditions for babies and toddlers are not very often. They can be few and far between.  You never really know when you are going to get the call to be in the city the next day! We require our parents to have a cell phone that we can reach you easily on (text too!) and email that is checked regularly.

If you would like to submit your 0-3 year old to Boss for consideration, please EMAIL us a clear photo, your baby's name, birthday and age in months. Also include parent's name(s), and phone number/email we can reach you at.