Boss Babies is a division of Boss Management.

Congratulations! You are about to become a BOSS BABY!

How to Register:
There are 2 websites you need to sign up on.

1. FREE - no need to pay for anything they offer on there. Use this Link:
Casting Networks
Note: When you go to replace photos as your little one grows and changes, it will want to charge you $15. No need to pay this, simply send new photos to them [email protected]  and ask them to swap them out.

2. Please go to and go to Join - Actor

Fill out all of the information. 

Where it asks if you have an agent, say yes, then use the drop down menu to find BOSS BABIES (Not Boss Management), and then LIZ MCKINNON. 

After you register, you may go online and add your photos. Please remember our photo standards. You may add up to about 16 photos, but there is no need to add that many. We need a simple and clear photo of your little one.

Please update your photo as your baby/toddler changes and grows. Please DELETE your old photos when you update your photos, so that we do not accidentally submit an old photo to casting.

We never really know when an audition will come, so please keep us updated if you change your phone number or email. Some babies will have 1-2 auditions a month, and others a couple times a year - it just depends if you happen to be the right look and age at the right time!

Your agent is Liz McKinnon ([email protected]). If you have an audition, Liz will first email you and follow up with a text or phone call. When confirming your audition please text or email Liz to confirm.